Friday, September 23, 2016

Pinky Petals Chrome Mirror Nail Powder Kit

Hello, beauties!

I've got something a little different to share today. I recently had the opportunity to try Pinky Petals Chrome Mirror Nail Powder Kit. 

I'd been seeing these chrome manis around, but wasn't sure I'd be able to accomplish the look. I think I managed, with some trial and error. I looked around and found some helpful tips from the kind and lovely Kim, over at Ten Little Canvases. Checking out her blog post and video sooner would have prevented most of my mistakes, but better late than never, right? Anyhow, I like how they turned out, and my nails have been on constant bling since the moment these powders arrived. 

This kit comes with a total of twelve different mirror powders in cute little pots labeled with numbers. It includes double-ended sponge applicators like the ones included in an eyeshadow palette. It also includes a cute, framed chart of samples showing each powder's effect. 

To use these powders, you'll need your gel base coat, your choice of polish (any color you like, but black gives the most colorful and dramatic effect; I used LeChat Perfect Match in Black Velvet), a no-wipe gel top coat, your choice of applicator, and a brush to sweep away excess powder. After your polish, apply and cure your top coat. Lightly dip your applicator into your powder of choice, and rub it over the nail. You'll want to be thorough when rubbing, paying attention to the cuticles and edges, and a little powder goes a long way. Top coat again, cure, and voilà! I do have a couple tips and observations that may be helpful, but first, here are the swatches!

These powders are everything, and the color shifts in some of them are absolutely drool-worthy! I did note a couple things. I got a much more mirror-like finish using a silicone nail brush than the sponge applicators. Also, after several manicures, I realized that the rubbing causes the sponges to deteriorate, so I ended up with sponge bits everywhere before I realized what was happening.

 I tried using two different top coats, as well. I used Gel II and Wildflowers. I got better, shinier results using the Wildflowers. Gel II application looked more glittery, and Wildflowers had the more mirrored effect. While the sponge applicators and Gel II both worked fine, the effects of the powders shone through more using the silicone and Wildflowers. I'd compare it to the difference between scattered and linear holos...while they're both beautiful, one is more intense and eye-catching. I've also read that nails done using pigments and powders can chip rather quickly, and some people recommend an additional layer of top coat to extend wear. I just did a single coat for swatching, and so far, I'm on day 4, with no chips and minimal tip wear. I'll keep doubling the top coat in mind for manis I need to last. 

If you've stuck with me through all my rambling, thanks for reading. Also, stay tuned for some upcoming nail art with these pretties! If you'd like to know more about this fabulous mirror powder, you can find the kit here. 

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