Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ejiubas Nail Vinyls

Hello, beauties!

I stopped by today to share another new-to-me product, Ejiubas nail vinyls. I absolutely love their stamping plates, so, while I generally avoid vinyls, striping tape, and all things sticky, I thought I'd give these a try. They come in a set of 8 sheets containing a total of 15 different designs.  

I did a test finger on an existing manicure, just to try one. They're cut well, so there's no struggle to separate them. They stick nicely, without pulling up my base, and without being hard to remove, once painted. They can also be easily repositioned. 

For the full mani, I used a base of Barielle Perry-Keep Winkling and accented with a standard one-coater, Sinful Colors Black on Black. I then used a single vinyl for each hand - the actual vinyls on the ring fingers, and the stickers from them on the pointer and pinky, for a what I like to call a butterfly French mani.

I was a little too ambitious with the stickers, but I like them (as long as I don't look too closely). I'll keep practicing, though, next time with glitter, methinks. If you'd like to know more about Ejiubas nail vinyls, you can find them here. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ETTG All-in-One Manicure Pedicure and Makeup Set

Hello, beauties!

While I haven't been doing as much nail art as usual, I still keep the ten tiny canvases ready, so I'm all about the tools. Today, I'm sharing a cute little set that helps me with upkeep. This is the ETTG All-one-One Manicure Pedicure and Makeup Set. 

It comes in a little pink double heart-shaped case. Isn't it cute? It includes:

Fingernail clippers 
Toenail clippers 
Rounded cuticle pusher
V-shaped cuticle pusher 
Acne needle 
Ear pick
Brow brush
Eyeshadow applicator 
Eyeliner brush

If that sounds like more tools than it appears, it's because some of them are double-sided. I like the stainless steel tools and how well made they are. 

The brushes are nice and soft, but I did have to do some trimming of stray hairs. Since I did, though, I find them useful, too. Since right before my little's graduation last month, I've been wearing makeup again, so the brushes are getting some airtime, too!

In all, this is a handy, compact, and very useful set. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it here. 

Thanks for stopping by!