Saturday, August 20, 2016

Perfect Summer 8-piece set #12

Hello, beauties! 

Recently, I got the opportunity to review a few gel polish sets by Perfect Summer. Today, I wanted to share their starter kit number 12. The kit conveniently comes with top and base coats. They're all pretty similar in formula, and I'll share my thoughts at the end. Now, on to the swatches. 

First up is 80, a pale, pastel pink. 

This is 81, a warm camel color. 

82 is a bright red. 

Here's 83, a cloud gray. 

This is 93, a dusty rose. 

Last up is 94, a vampy raisin. 

These polishes, including the top and base coats, have an excellent formula, overall, and I only had an issue with one. They're thin without being runny, and best of all, no pooling. All except one of my swatches show two thin coats. Number 80 was the only problem child of the bunch, and the first coat went on much like a regular pastel polish would, somewhat streaky. I ended up applying three thin coats. 

These all cure to a super high shine, and even after four days, they're still glossy and show minimal tip wear. Removal was easier for some than others, and a couple required an extra few minutes of soaking. Overall, though, I was pleased with the colors and formula. My favorite is 94, and I love it for fall. If you'd like to find out more, you can find this and other pretty sets here. 

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Ejiubas Nail Vinyls

Hello, beauties!

I stopped by today to share another new-to-me product, Ejiubas nail vinyls. I absolutely love their stamping plates, so, while I generally avoid vinyls, striping tape, and all things sticky, I thought I'd give these a try. They come in a set of 8 sheets containing a total of 15 different designs.  

I did a test finger on an existing manicure, just to try one. They're cut well, so there's no struggle to separate them. They stick nicely, without pulling up my base, and without being hard to remove, once painted. They can also be easily repositioned. 

For the full mani, I used a base of Barielle Perry-Keep Winkling and accented with a standard one-coater, Sinful Colors Black on Black. I then used a single vinyl for each hand - the actual vinyls on the ring fingers, and the stickers from them on the pointer and pinky, for a what I like to call a butterfly French mani.

I was a little too ambitious with the stickers, but I like them (as long as I don't look too closely). I'll keep practicing, though, next time with glitter, methinks. If you'd like to know more about Ejiubas nail vinyls, you can find them here. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ETTG All-in-One Manicure Pedicure and Makeup Set

Hello, beauties!

While I haven't been doing as much nail art as usual, I still keep the ten tiny canvases ready, so I'm all about the tools. Today, I'm sharing a cute little set that helps me with upkeep. This is the ETTG All-one-One Manicure Pedicure and Makeup Set. 

It comes in a little pink double heart-shaped case. Isn't it cute? It includes:

Fingernail clippers 
Toenail clippers 
Rounded cuticle pusher
V-shaped cuticle pusher 
Acne needle 
Ear pick
Brow brush
Eyeshadow applicator 
Eyeliner brush

If that sounds like more tools than it appears, it's because some of them are double-sided. I like the stainless steel tools and how well made they are. 

The brushes are nice and soft, but I did have to do some trimming of stray hairs. Since I did, though, I find them useful, too. Since right before my little's graduation last month, I've been wearing makeup again, so the brushes are getting some airtime, too!

In all, this is a handy, compact, and very useful set. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it here. 

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

InnoLife Nail Art Drill Kit

Hello, beauties!

I've got a new-to-me tool to share. I recently had the opportunity to try the InnoLife Nail Art Drill Treatments Kit. 

The kit comes with a drill, 5 diamond bits and an emery rod with 6 sanding bands. I don't know if you've ever used a drill, but I hadn't, and was a little disturbed because it didn't come with instructions. I figured things out, though, by playing around with it. 

You may have noticed I've been proudly rocking my nubs lately, but I've had parties and and events to attend (congrats to my little on graduating!), so I've been experimenting with falsies. I'll tell you all about them in an upcoming post. I wore these stiletto tips for several days, and decided to use this drill to make them a little more manageable after jabbing myself and all my family members, as well as my favorite clerk at Walgreens (sorry, Candace!). 

Despite the lack of instructions, I think I did okay with the drill. I'll be perfecting my technique before using it on my natural nails, but it worked well and it worked quickly. Yes! 

In short, this drill is described as being good for the beginner or professional, but with no directions, I have my own opinion about that. I'd say either 1) it's best used by those with experience, or 2) get yourself some false nails to practice on. 

If you'd like to know more about this drill kit, you can find it here. 

Do you ever use a drill? How do you know which bit to use?

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Piggy Paint

Hello, beauties!

I'm back! Today I wanted to share some pretties by Piggy Paint. I first used Piggy Paint about ten years ago, when my daughter was a sprout. I wasn't impressed, because it was back in my days of being a muggle, and I didn't know the importance, then, of base coat and top coat. My experience with the brand was much better this time around. I've got three Piggy Paint sets to share with you, so I'll get started. 

First up is the Make it Last set, which, as you may have guessed, consists of a base coat and a top coat. At first glance, they weren't what I expected, because the base is clear and the top coat is milky. Of note is that the base coat dehydrates the nail, so it's a base coat and primer in one. You can find the Make it Last set here. 

Next is the Lollipops and Gumdrops set, found here. This is Girls Rule!, a bright purple shimmer. This is two thin coats. 

Jazz it Up is a hot pink crème, shown here in three thin coats. This was my favorite of all the colors I used, but I found it quite streaky. I probably needed an additional coat to even things out, but I generally lose patience beyond the third coat. 

The last set I tried is the Toe-Tally Fancy set, which can be found here. It contains three polishes. The first is Girls Rule!, which is included in the set above, as well. Next is PINKie Promise, a bright, pastel pink crème. Its formula is on par with Jazz it Up, and I had the same issues with streaking. Shown here is three thin coats.  

The third polish in the set is Forever Fancy, a bright pink shimmer. This is two thin coats. 

In short, the shimmers all applied evenly and easily. The crèmes are my two favorite colors, but I found the formulas streaky and difficult to even out. As far as staying power, the top and base coats are a definite must, and not using them was where I went wrong my first time trying this brand, all those years ago. Overall, I think Piggy Paint is a great brand, and I love that they make safe, nontoxic products for the little ones that want to be like Mommy. 

Which was your favorite color? Have you ever tried Piggy Paint? 

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BuySShow 36W UV Nail Dryer

Hello, beauties!

I haven't done much painting lately, so I've been wearing my gel polishes more often. I usually opt for fast-curing LED polishes, but recently had the opportunity to try the BuySShow 36W UV Nail Dryer, so I pulled out one of my sad, neglected Shellac polishes, Cream Puff. (Hint: it's a base for some upcoming nail art.)

This lamp is a bright, pretty pink that immediately caught my eye. It comes with a metal cuticle pusher and jeweled acrylic spoon. The lamp has a 120-second timer. I do wish it had other timer settings, but with UV, the majority of my cures will be two minutes, anyway. The inside is wide, but is a little short, so if you have long nails, or spaghetti fingers, like mine, you'll want to be careful not to bump your fingertips against the rear wall. 

This lamp does a great job of curing my polish. I always end up with a nice, even cure, and haven't experienced any heat spikes while using it. That's a welcome change, and since there's usually at least one. Win! My nails ended up looking great, with the exception of a couple stray glitters, because I accidentally used the bottle of top coat I keep expressly for glitters and additives...oops!

If you'd like to know more about this lamp, you can find it here. 

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Lizber Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Hello, beauties!

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite tools. It's the wearable nail polish holder by Lizber. 

It holds polish bottles of nearly all shapes and sizes, including minis. I find it helpful for those awkwardly-shaped bottles that I struggle to hold while turning my hand this way and that to get full coverage, especially near the deep folds on the sides of my nails. 

It's comfortable to wear, and easy to get on and off - simply squeeze the tabs on the sides to open it and pull it over the tops of your fingers, not your freshly painted tips. It fits all sizes of fingers, and even fit over my UV protective gloves. 

If you'd like to know more about the Lizber wearable nail polish holder, you can find it here. 

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