Saturday, February 25, 2017

MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill

Hey, beauties!

It's been a while, huh? I haven't been doing my nails much, beyond painting, but I recently did a bit of art. I've been into makeup and other things lately, and you can check out my other blog for that, if you'd like. Today, I've got the MelodySusie Professional Nail Drill to share with you. As you probably know, I've got drills galore. My favorites are always the smaller ones, because I'm clumsy and they provide me with more control...this one is no exception.

First of all, what came with the drill was a nice surprise. In addition to the cord and a really good selection of bits, it comes with a dual-sided buffer, cuticle nipper, and nail brush. Basically, everything I need for a gel polish or enhancement removal and to prep for the next manicure.

Its first test was my daughter's enhancements. She recently had a birthday, and had been pestering me for years to allow her to get gels. I tried my best to discourage her, but she wore me down. The set she chose was a little too long for her comfort, so I used this drill to file them down a bit. She enjoyed them, then it was time for removal. The process was made much quicker with this drill, which I used to rough them up before soaking. Look at my baby giving all that '90's girl group realness! All she needed was a pair of door knocker earrings! :)

I've been keeping my own nails ultra-short lately, but I sometimes wear falsies for fun or events. This drill makes quick work of shortening and shaping them. For this look, I wanted an almond shape, but only had square, ballerina, and stiletto tips available. So, I threw on these ballerina tips by Ejiubas and went to work with my drill.

The drill has nicely shaped heads that allow me to get into the corners near the folds and close to the cuticles for actual enhancements. They're also easy to change out, and they stay put. I like, too, that quite a few of my small heads from other drills fit in this one. This drill is powerful, given how compact it is. It's extremely portable, and would fit in a small makeup bag for travel. It doesn't overheat or shut off, either, which is sometimes a problem with smaller drills like this one. My one complaint is that the head's rotation can slow if too much pressure is applied.

Using the drill to create an almond shape took about five minutes for both hands using the drill. I applied two coats of Julep Maria and did some simple stamping using Colors by Llarowe Burning Embers and Marianne Nails plate 90.

Overall, I'm happy with the performance of this drill, and very pleased with all the extras. If you'd like to check it out, you can find it here.

Thanks for stopping by!