Saturday, August 20, 2016

Perfect Summer 8-piece set #12

Hello, beauties! 

Recently, I got the opportunity to review a few gel polish sets by Perfect Summer. Today, I wanted to share their starter kit number 12. The kit conveniently comes with top and base coats. They're all pretty similar in formula, and I'll share my thoughts at the end. Now, on to the swatches. 

First up is 80, a pale, pastel pink. 

This is 81, a warm camel color. 

82 is a bright red. 

Here's 83, a cloud gray. 

This is 93, a dusty rose. 

Last up is 94, a vampy raisin. 

These polishes, including the top and base coats, have an excellent formula, overall, and I only had an issue with one. They're thin without being runny, and best of all, no pooling. All except one of my swatches show two thin coats. Number 80 was the only problem child of the bunch, and the first coat went on much like a regular pastel polish would, somewhat streaky. I ended up applying three thin coats. 

These all cure to a super high shine, and even after four days, they're still glossy and show minimal tip wear. Removal was easier for some than others, and a couple required an extra few minutes of soaking. Overall, though, I was pleased with the colors and formula. My favorite is 94, and I love it for fall. If you'd like to find out more, you can find this and other pretty sets here. 

Thanks for stopping by!