Monday, May 16, 2016

OneDor Celeste

Hello, beauties! 

I had an opportunity to review a cool polish that I thought I'd share with you. I haven't been painting much lately, so it worked out perfectly that I got to try a gel polish. 

This is Celeste, by OneDor. You knew it had to be blue or green, right? Celeste is a lovely pastel turquoise. What's different about this gel is that it doesn't require a base or top coat. 

Buffing is recommended, but is a no-no for me, so I added an additional coat to hide my ridges and the patchiness that sometimes occurs when polishing extra curvy nails. Shown here is three thin coats. For short and smooth nails, two coats is enough. 


So far, it's been five days, and besides a little new growth and a small chip on my Cindy hand, my nails still look great. 

If you'd like to check our Celeste, or any of the other pretties in OneDor's lineup, you can find it here. 

Thanks for stopping by!